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Price: £49 per hour (One to Flexible Hours/ Flexible Location in London)

Book Master Class 5 Weeks Crash Course for (£150) Amazing 70% discount!
Session: Maximum of 5 People per class except for Vocal Sessions

  • Drum Class

  • Vocal Class

  • Keyboard Classes

  • Vocal Classes

  • Saxophone Classes

  Music Lessons - Gospel Touch

Age: 6yrs - 65yrs

  • 2nd of August - 30th of August 2014 –        5 Weeks
  • 31th of August - 27th of September 2014 – 5 Weeks

Classes: Weekend’s Evening or Weekends

Monday: 7- 9pm
Tuesday: 7-9pm
Saturday: 4 sessions (10AM -12PM, 1PM-3PM, 4PM-6PM, 7PM-9PM)
Sunday: 3 sessions (2.30PM-5.30PM, 5.30PM-7.30PM, 7.30PM-9.30PM)

Venue: Lower Clapton, London E5 8DJ (Near Hackney Central Station)
 For More Info email: workshop@gospeltouch.net
or call 07956005371


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(£50 Hour) or Book or Master Class 5 Weeks  Crash Course for (£150) Amazing  70% discounted!

Class Sessions, Afternoon Sessions  and Evening Sessions. Maximum of 5 People per class expect for Vocal Sessions.

Age: 6 - 65years

Date: 2nd of August  - 27th of September 2014

Classes: Weekend’s Evening or Weekends
Venue: Lower Clapton, London E5 DJ

For More Info email: workshop@gospeltouch.net

Our trainers are highly experience with CRB clearance; they are professionals with many years’ experience in training people from of all age and background.
No experienced needed... Money back guarantee! We are offering 20% discounts to churches and students, and groups.

This Course is here to encourage all those who would like to learn to play a musical instrument from scratch, but have never had the opportunity or time. Lots of tips and suggestions to get you started. One to one sessions and opportunity to play along with other is group session. 

It is never too late to start learning - the right way - and making the most progress with the time that is available for practice.

Adults usually find it more difficult to learn an instrument than children, not because they haven’t got the ability, but often because they are more self-conscious about sounding like a beginner and making mistakes.
On the other hand, children don’t have these thoughts in their minds as they are constantly learning new things and told how great they sound - if you are an adult beginner ... don’t be put off!

Start some that is Life changing; achieve a new goal, New Dream

Enrol now! This is your time!


“Thank you Gospel Touch for the wonder service you provided us, we were desperate for musician after several years of paying out so much money.  We were referred to Gospel Touch.  They trained selected members of the church, none of them have ever played instrument before after just few week; Gospel Touch Agent trained 6 Members of the church.  Now we have 2 Drummers including a lady drummer, 2 guitarists, a bass player and a keyboardist. This is beyond our imagination”.
Eagle Church London

“Wow I never thought I will ever plan the guitar after just only 2 hours session I can now play basic Chords which I never thought could be so easy”.  
Michela Simon

"Thank you Gospel Touch, you have made my dream come true. You have made me a Saxophonist and a Drummer! Never thought I would be able to play more than one instrument now I can play both." 
Kim Smith

"I just wanted to say thanks for helping me improve my vocal and confidence in singing, if I can do this I feel anyone who wants to learn to play a guitar can. Thanks so much." 
Sandra Morgan

Thank you Gospel Touch for putting out such a wonderful course. It is really helpful. I did not begin playing guitar until 2006 at 32 years old and your course has contributed a great deal to my development." 

"I've worked with Gospel Touch; they are very talented, friendly teachers that make you feel right at home. Gospel Touch provides a comfortable learning environment that I am fortunate to be part of." 
John Odutuyo

"Being retired and the wrong side of fifty I decided to try and fulfil one of my boyhood dreams i.e. play the Harmonica, and Drums. I started from zero music knowledge but with the expert professional tuition provided, which has been given in a friendly approachable manner, I have grown in confidence and ability. I still have some way to go. But I am getting there. If you want to learn to play a musical instrument, and want friendly, professional tuition, then look no further." 
Paul Kingston

"Our three boys, Seun aged 13, Matt aged 11, and Paul aged 11 have had lessons with gospel loved every minute of it as well as becoming accomplished young musicians. They are learning guitar, piano and drums respectively, in which all three of them gained distinction in their last exams. This is without doubt down to the relaxed and fun approach with Gospel Touch adopt in their teaching. As parents we are extremely grateful for what has been achieved." 
Samantha & Christopher

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