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About Gospel Touch

Who we are: We are group of professionals with many years combined experience in providing gospel music services; we have experience in the media and related fields.  We have the  contacts and experience and we are committed to providing services that is professional, reliable, whist saving you lots of time, stress-free and providing first class customer care.  

Our range of services includes providing; gospel artists, DJs, musicians,  Christian choir, Gospel choir, find gospel music artists,Training and many more…

GOSPEL TOUCH is a one-stop-shop for unsigned artists who want their music exposed to a wider audience and to get paid! Whether you want to set up your own record label, promote your music, become chart eligible, sell your music on pre-release , SMS or sell music on our network of hundreds odigital stores…Gospel Touch means more choice and more exposure. We have 18 years combined experience in the industry, and we’ve set up this company so that artists will not have to go through time-consuming pain like we did.  More and more unsigned artists are looking to release their music independently, but often do not really know how to go about it as there are no clear guides available (it’s a big secret!) until now at least!

With our contacts and experience, we are guaranteed to get you the cheapest price in the market, save you lots of time, stress and more importantly, money! We help you to see beyond what seems like an impossible task.

Gospel Touch Mission

  • Provide professional marketing, media and business development solutions for sign/unsigned Christian artists.
  • Bridge the barriers that prevent Christian artists from being made available through most mainstream distribution channels by creating noticeable consumer demand.
  • Provide one-to-one tailored services to each artist/ ministry based on their unique style, experience, personality, motivations and geographic location. From initial concept to physical product or service.


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